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~ Teeth Extractions

Tooth Extraction  

Have you been hurting due to a broken or abscessed tooth? Do not delay seeing a dentist as serious complications may arise. You should contact our office to be seen as soon as possible. 

Some teeth extractions are unavoidable and should be addressed in a timely manner. Dr Elena Duren is highly skilled and experienced to perform dental extractions. We also offer laughing gas to the patients with high level of anxiety. 

What are some tooth extraction aftercare instructions?

Upon extraction, you will be given a detailed list of post-surgical instructions including:

·      Keep the area clean. 

·      Avoid dirking out of a straw, avoid smoking, and spitting. 

·      Take medications as directed by our office. 

·      Use black tea bag if bleeding persists. 

·      Applied icepack to the area for 15 minutes every 2 hours to reduce swelling. 

·      Avoid strenuous activities for a few days following the extraction. 

Your comfort is our top priority.